Photocredit, George Lawson.


Kale Beaudry, a native to British Columbia’s west coast, grew up with the nature that precedes it.  Seeing the gradual development of his hometown over his lifetime, however, played a role in influencing his photographic style.  He now bares a love for both the natural and urban world, and is prone to blur the lines.

Kale is currently based out of Vancouver, BC.


“Kale navigated a balance in our time with him that fulfilled my requests without ever having the sessions feel forced or posed. The type of professionalism he brings with his craft is far beyond skilled or practiced and feels genuinely committed to capturing far more than just an event.” – Marley Stewart (see wedding)

“Kale has the distinct and rare ability to rapidly welcome, read and embrace the people he meets and works with. His earnestness and skill creates an environment where he was able to either capture the moment exactly as it happened, or subtly manipulate the situation to bring out genuine and beautiful moments.” – Adam Gough (see wedding)

“Kale has a natural eye for photography, but it’s his hard work ethic that produces amazing results. He is not afraid to take risks and brings a fresh perspective to his projects. Working with Kale was one of the most memorable photoshoots that we’ve experienced.” – Sabrina Robson & Jereme Collette of ‘this is THE SHOES.’

“As a designer, Kale was able to effectively communicate my ideas and take my vision further, pushing the envelope even moreso than what I initially envisioned.  He was able to direct the model accordingly, kept the energy of the shoot upbeat and was able to be resourceful with the location and lighting.  It was an overall pleasure working with Kale Beaudry and would happily again.” – Christina Ferrante, Designer

“Kale is an amazing photographer and long time friend.  Working with him is so easy because he makes it a priority to understand exactly what kind of shoot my collection needs.  He’s great at giving and taking direction as well as adding his own personal artistic ideas when necessary. He is professional, focused and the end product is always perfect!” – Nicole Guzzo, Nicole Guzzo Designs

“It was such a pleasure to work with Kale. His fresh eye & willingness to experiment led to some wonderfully unexpected shots.  I look forward to working with him again in the future.” Denise Wilson, Bronsino Designs